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 Claude Dozorme was established in 1902 and produce beautifully hand-crafted STEAK KNIVES, SOMMELIER KNIVES & RESTAURANT KNIVES. Claude Dozorme was the first company to produce the Laguiole shape into a fixed handled knife.

“Laguiole is not a knife brandname but only the name of a small town which gave its name to a shape of a curved knife finished with a mythical bee on the bolster. 80% of all Laguiole knifes produced have been made in Thiers, France, for centuries”


Thiers®, Laguiole, Capucin, Basque, Corse… a range of mythical French shapes reinterpreted and reissued by the Dozorme cutlery manufacturer to enhance and promote various regional cutlery designs. Thiers®: Created out of the concerted thoughts of a whole profession, the Thiers® takes its name from its town, the French Capital of the Cutlery Industry. To guarantee the authenticity and territoriality of this imposed shape belonging to the « Confrérie du Couté de Tié », all spare parts and manufacturing steps involved in the production of Le Thiers® knives have to be fully produced within the Thiers cutlery manufacturing basin according to a stringent set of quality regulations. Dozorme makes all these knives at its own workshop. Laguiole: Contrary to popular thinking, the Laguiole is not a registered trademark for knife but a type of pocket knife named after the eponymous village in the Aveyron. Famous for its curved shape and decorated with a mythical bee design, Claude Dozorme was the first cutlery manufacturer to create a non-folding version of the Laguiole for tableware. Capucin: This knife takes its name from the distinctive shape of its handle that resembles a monk’s hood. A knife symbolising the Esprit de Thiers label, the Dozorme company has showcased both the pocket and tables versions.

Claude Dozorme utilises an array of different materials for their handles such as woods like Juniper, Olive, Rosewood & Ebony – Also out of animal horn like Cow, Ram & Elk – and other finishes such as stainless steel, epoxy resin and more.



What’s happening here? This photo is circa 1920 and what it shows is knife makers lying down, shaping the blades of knives on big stones that are turned by the strong currents of the local rivers running from the French Alps. Of course its very cold, so the dogs are there to keep their legs warm!

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The Ranges

Le Thiers


The shape…..Le Thiers is a distinct shape of knife that can only be produced in the region it is named after – Thiers by certified manufacturers. It is a simple, minimalist shape that is extremely well balanced, beautiful to hold & is crafted perfectly for the profession


Is a shape well-known around the world. Its distinct curved profile with embossed fretwork through the middle of the handle and the unmistakable bee on its bolster makes this range easily identifiable.

BUT….The thing most people don’t know is that it is not a brand…..its is simply the above shape with its mystical bee named after the neighbouring town – Laguiole


Le London

Is specifically designed for the tasting of fish & other seafood. Especially the service of fish at the table. It also happens to be a great steak knife for cuts on the bone.

Le London


Is a contemporary new steak knife shape available in Olive Wood, Matt Black & Cream handles. You can choose between matt or shiny blades


Thomas Bastide

Born in 1954 in Biarritz, Thomas Bastide grew up in Paris where he studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Graphiques (Penninghen), before continuing his studies in industrial design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art. As a designer for Baccarat since 1981, his talent and passion has led him to work for other major luxury brands such as Hennessy, Christofle, Ercuis, Odiot, Hermès to name just a few.

Thomas Bastide

L’âme by Thomas Bastide
For Thomas Bastide, a knife’s soul resides in its blade. Taking this postulate as his starting point, he emphasised the blade by leaving one side of the knife open and unadorned. When laid bare, the blade is revealed in all its splendour and understated elegance, playing on its appearance with an asymmetrical handle that allows it to balance on its right side
The Shadow by Thomas Bastide
The first table knife with an asymmetrical, angled handle, the Shadow is an unusual and atypical knife whose angled handle holds the blade above the tablecloth. The asymmetrical thickness of the handle makes the knife very pleasant to hold and equally suitable for right and left-handed people.

The Flat Cut
Following the great success of L’Ame et Shadow, the partnership has continued with kitchen knives: Flat Cut
This new kitchen knife finds its originality in its asymetric shape and its inclinated handle. The blade is emphasized. Object becomes simple and pure. The handle thicker on a side, makes the knife very pleasant to hold.


What would France be without its wines and its champagne, a sparkling symbol of elegance and sophistication ? To contribute to this national standing, the Dozorme cutlery company has designed and developed a whole collection of champagne sabers and corkscrews.


DOZORME SABERS THE CHAMPAGNE  Champagne is a drink for every occasion ! Loved the world over for its light, sparkling bubbles, its elegance and its unique taste, it is the standard bearer for the image and attractiveness of France. The opening and serving of champagne is imbued with a certain ritual. The most emblematic of these is still the sabering of the neck of the bottle, a ritual much loved by Napoleon. During the time of the Empire, the fashion was to celebrate a victory by slicing off the neck of the bottle with a saber. To perpetuate this centuries-old tradition, the Claude Dozorme company is reissuing magnificent collections of champagne sabers. One is of very high value with its fine gilded hilt while the other has a sleeker, more contemporary design with a silvered hilt. The dragon trimmings hark back to the days when the riders of the Napoleonic cavalry wore their arms at the wrist. This is an original and prestigious gift that will provide an elegant accompaniment to all grand events.


THE ART OF SERVING WINE At once a solemn and convivial act, the opening of a bottle of wine requires great care and attention, especially where a Grand Cru or an exceptional vintage is concerned. The Dozorme cutlery company offers very high-precision corkscrews that have an excellent grip guaranteeing perfect bottle opening without damaging or breaking the corks. A favourite with wine connoisseurs, Dozorme corkscrews are made in close collaboration with professional sommeliers. Because each varietal deserves the best !


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