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What is Eco Burner?

Eco Burner is an environmentally friendly, safe and very economical alternative to chafing dish fuel for buffets / food warming purposes. Chafing fuel gels & wicks are unsafe, have a bad carbon footprint and are wasteful. Induction heating can be expensive to purchase, inflexible and high on maintenance.

Eco Burner is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and comes with a two year warranty. It is refillable, temperature adjustable, has a over-turn cut-off and an over temperature cut-off.

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The main points about eco burner:
• Refillable

• Reduces costs – You generally only need one burner even for large chafing dishes. You use 100% of the fuel where most gels and wicks are thrown out after service, wasting between one third and sometimes well over half of the fuel. We have seen savings of over 70%. You can purchase the eco burner outright and see a very return quick return on investment. We also now have a low cost rental, so there’s no outlay and you will see savings along with the other benefits from day one!!

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Only one Eco Burner Required – Gels and wicks require minimum two, three & in this case even four

• Environmentally friendly – Because it is a clean fuel, you use 100% of the fuel and the fuel cans are fully recyclable – you reduce carbon emissions by 85%


• Safe – if its knocked over the flame goes out. If the chafing dish/bain marie runs out of water it has a high heat cut out switch. It is also cool to touch. The US medical system has actually allocated an accident code to gels & wicks due to the frequency with injuries such as burns & carbon monoxide inhalation. In seven years, there has been no documented injury caused by Eco Burner


Cool to Touch

• Outdoors – It won’t go out in the wind
• Adjustable temperature – Different temperatures mean optimum food quality and the flexibility to warm other products such as hot drinks plus use other vessels such as porcelain, stoneware and more
• Long Burn Time – Between 5 & 7.5 hours of burn time depending on temperature you set at.
• Storage – fuel can contains 36 hours of fuel


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