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Chafer with chafo

Eco Burner is an environmentally friendly, safe and very economical alternative to chafing dish fuel for buffets / food warming purposes. Chafing fuel gels & wicks are unsafe, have a bad carbon footprint and are wasteful. Induction heating can be expensive to purchase, inflexible and high on maintenance.

Eco Burner is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and comes with a two year warranty. It is refillable, temperature adjustable, has a over-turn cut-off and an over temperature cut-off.

Features & Benefits

  • Save an average of 50% compared to gels and wicks

  • Much Safer – if Eco Burner is knocked over it will go out. In the US they actually have a injury code for gels & wicks. A county attorney calls them ‘Napalm in a Can’!

  • You will help the environment by reducing carbon emissions by up to 85% compared to the chemical burners

  • You will use 100% of the fuel

  • The temperature is adjustable so you can be assured of food quality

  • Eco Burner can burn for up to 7.5 hours

  • Eco Burner is cool to touch & will go out if the chafer runs dry

  • Because of the direct & well distributed heat source, you can use other items like porcelain, stoneware, cast iron and steel cookware to serve food

  • Wont blow out in the wind. Perfect for outdoor functions, weddings and events at places like Golf Courses…..see below testimonial

“Ecoburner is so flexible – allowing us to place the buffets where we want, whatever the elements. It meets our ambitious safety and environmental initiatives. And, it costs less. We could not be happier, which is why we continue to buy more Ecoburners.”

Mark Lucas – Executive Chef, Twin Waters Golf Club

More Testimonials

“As a leading resort chain with a world-class food and beverage department spanning several Caribbean islands, Sandals Resorts International is always keen on upgrading our operations and maintaining environmental best practices. Since adopting the eco-burner system, we have seen tremendous reduction in waste, since there is no longer the need to use and discard wicker burners. As a company that hosts and participates in several large-scale, high-level outdoor functions, we have been pleased with the performance of the eco-burner system and in particular the windproof element. Eco-burner is easy to handle, allows us to adjust heat levels and has helped us to improve the quality of our offerings in general. We are very happy with our decision to switch to the eco-burner system and even happier with the results thus far”

Sandals Luxury Resorts

“Over a twelve month period we have been using the Chafo for our chafing dish requirements. We have identified a cost saving in excess of 40% through the eliminaton of wastage of part-used gels/wicks. In addition to this, every hour of fuel in the Chafo is used and provides substantially more heat at a lower cost. Relative to traditional gels and wicks the Chafo is cleaner, significantly safer and service levels from eco-burner are consistently high.”

Dominic MacKen Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick


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“Eco-burner’s chafing system has been independently tested by Carbon Footprint who have verified that there is a greater than 75% reduction in your carbon emissions when you switch from traditional chafing fuels to the eco-burner Chafo.”

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