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Usurai (Thin Ice)

Usurai by Toyo Sasaki, Japan is the thinest / finest machine made glass in the world and with a patented treatment ensures it is two times stronger and two times more durable than standard glasses

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Sake Glassware by Toyo Sasaki

Toyo Sasaki is Japan’s largest glassware manufacturer. Therefore they have the largest range of Sake Glassware in the world. The production ranges from hand-made to mass produced which offers budget products through to the highest in exclusivity.

Japanese Glassware

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 Stemware by Smith & Hubble

Smith & Hubble stemware comes in two ranges of non-lead crystal, produced in the Czech Republic. Elysee – a modern shaped range and Intimo – A traditional sommelier range to release the aroma of all varietals

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 Tumblers by Toyo Sasaki

Toyo Sasaki’s range of toughened tumblers exude style and variety. From the slimline beer glass range to the contoured & cut whiskey glasses, this range offers good value for what is an extremely premium product


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Our Glassware and Bar range is predominantly made up of products by Toyo Sasaki, Japan, Quattrogradi and Mepra, Italy. Toyo Sasaki’s range consists of product such as Crystal Stemware, Sake glasses & carafes, Whiskey glasses, Ice buckets etc. ‘Tritan’ Plastic by Quattrogradi of Italy is the next generation from polycarbonate. It looks almost exactly like crystal, it washes like crystal and drinks like no other plastic glassware in the world.Mepra bar products include a a large range of the highest quality and beautiful ice buckets, wine cooler and utensils etc.