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Höller specialises in the manufacture of revolutionary products for buffet and wine presentation. The buffet products include the patented ‘Hot and Cold Plate’ is a product that offers and extremely flexible solution for food service as it’s temperature can be adjusted from minus 5 Degrees C to plus 140 degrees C. Höller’s Wine Solution includes the slick, dual compartment display cabinet that keeps Red & White at the optimum temperature & LED lit at your guest’s eyesight.

Höller Wine Solutions

Offers a range of temperature controlled wine display cases offer amazing benefits to restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos.

“No need for Red wine to be sitting on the bench at room temperature or even worse in outdoor or open venues. White wines are held at the optimum temperature, out of the undercounter fridge and in sight of the guest. The slick cabinet and the appealing, non-direct LED lighting is sure to increase your wine sales”

The Great Benefits of Höller Wine Solutions

-Dual Cabinets for keeping red and white wine at optimum temperature. No need for Red wine to be sitting on the bench at room temperature or even worse in outdoor or open venues. White wine are at optimum temperature, out of the undercounted fridge and in sight of the guest

-Unlike most bars in pubs, hotels, restaurants etc, this solution allows you to display both red & white wine in clear site

-Indirect LED lighting enhances the visibility

-Most customers have seen significant increases in wine sales while also seeing an increase in yield due to better preservation

-Can be connected to existing refrigeration

-Lift up lid on top for maintaining cool temperature


Höller wine display cabinets are available in-

Dual Display Cabinets:

– two compartments each holding 12 bottles – 1140mmL x 544mmH x 270mmD

– two compartments each holding 24 bottles – 1938mmL x 544mmH x 270mmDHöller Buffet Solutions

Single Display Cabinets:

– one compartments holding 12 bottles – 595mmL x 544mmH x 270mmD

-one compartment holding 24 bottles – 995mmL x 544mmH x 270mmD

Höller Buffet Solutions


Höller manufactures specialty solutions for Buffets, Plating, Serving & Catering. The flagship products are the revolutionary ‘Hot / Cold Plate’ and ‘Hot / Cold Well’. Hot / Cold meaning in the same unit, you can run in hot or cold mode – temperatures ranging from -5°C to +140°C offering you a versatile for the above applications for different food offerings during the day or week. Example: You may have a hot breakfast offering; fruit & cold cuts for lunch & a seafood buffet for dinner service. The Hot / Cold solution can handle these services with ease.

Hot / Cold Plate

Hot/Cold Plate is available in three options.

-Drop-In Self Contained

-Drop-In and Connected to external Compressor

-Self-Contained Countertop

Drop-In units are available in GN1/1, GN2/1 & GN3/1 – Countertop Units available in GN1/1 & GN2/1

hot cold plate

Hot / Cold Well

hot cold well

The multifunctional hot and cold Bain Marie Well gives new possibilities to food distribution. The unit can be controlled between -5°C and +110°C, meaning your servery counter can adapt to changing customer requirements. You can choose between self-contained or connected to your remote compressor. Available in GN 1/1, GN2/1 & GN3/1

Ice Teppan

teppan ice

With live cooking becoming a growing trend within the Australian catering and foodservice industry, the teppanyaki ice cream table allows you to create rolled ice cream, from fresh ingredients, live in front of your guests.


The Ice Teppan unit freezes down to -5°C within 15 minutes. The Austrian made Ice teppanyaki table allows chefs to use a range of different ingredients and addictions to create ice cream rolls for your guests to enjoy.

This product perfect addition to any restaurant, café, hotel and outdoor caterers looking to entice their audience in a new and exciting way such as a live ice-cream station in a buffet; live desserts at a function such as a wedding and much more. The possibilities are endless!


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