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Lehmann Mouth Blown Glassware is some of the finest sommelier glassware in the world. Glass blowing is an art which goes back two thousand years and demands high levels of rigour, patience and know-how. Working in association with Master Glassblowers, Lehmann Glass has designed modern, original collections manufactured according to traditional methods. Mouth- blown glasses are of the highest quality and allow the freedom to create new forms. The finesse, lightness and quality of mouth-blown glass makes every moment of wine tasting both unique and special!

The Lehmann Glass oenological brand has been created based on passion and a love for wine. It is a story that dates back to 2012. Gérard Lehmann, founder of Verrerie de la Marne and Gérard Basset, the most successful sommelier in the world, decided to share their expertise and knowledge to create glasses collections which will be, during wine tasting, formidable oenological tools.


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