Project Description


The first modular and portable live cooking furniture. Right out of the carrying bag! Sleek design, high quality finishes, unique patterns. What looks like a luxury domestic kitchen furniture, is actually a new solution for professional catering. livecookintable® sets a new standard! It’s a modular furniture system with interchangeable devices for live cooking and food presentation. It is easy to setup, to assemble and to dismantle without any tools. It is intuitively to handle and to carry in bags and trolleys. Selfservice-Buffet, Live-Cooking Station, Restaurant, Bar, Chefs Table, Cooking Class, Event Catering, Tastings, Casino, Canteen, Lounge, Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast Solutions No Tools needed! In the livecookintable frame all devices can be inserted as needed, if it is to boil, to chill, to grill, to warm and to wok. Up to 5 devices can be used within one frame while the cooking odors are easily filtered out with the mobile Air-wall.

Live Cookin Table Buffet

Restaurant Buffet Set-up with Induction Smart and Magic Stitch Side panels

lobby buffet

Break Out Group Set-up with Induction Smart, Bar Component and Magic Stitch Side Panels

outdoor buffet

Outdoor Buffet

outdoor buffet II

Outdoor Live Cooking Station with induction Wok and Zither Buffet Component

Allianz Arean Germany

Induction Smart at Allianz Stadium (Bayern Munich) 


Dim Sum Station Portable exhaust Canopy ‘Airwall’

Cafe station

Cafe Station with Induction Smart for warming coffee

Cellar Station

Cellar Door Set-up

Champagne Station

Wine Station with fill-in end panels, Magic Stitch side panels and Ice Wells (200mm deep Gastronome Pans)


Bar Set-Up

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