Table Direct exclusively distributes Seltmann Weiden Porcelain. Seltmann is undoubtedly one of the finest and largest ranges of quality Porcelain in the world. Seltmann is in its third generation of family ownership, which has kept the company’s unwavering focus of quality and durable porcelain at reasonable prices.

The manufacturing process utilizes unmatched quality control from start to finish. Seltmann sources its own raw material of clay and quartz from the Weiden area in Bavaria and then produce beautifully crafted pieces for countless ranges. Seltmann porcelain pieces are then fired at extremely high temperatures for days to ensure all impurities are eradicated from the piece and then when glazed, the porcelain is fired at an unprecedented 1450 degrees Celsius. When porcelain is fired at such high temperatures for such long periods of time, the hardness and chip resistance is almost unbelievable.

The history of the SELTMANN WEIDEN group started in 1910, when Christian Seltmann founded his company in Weiden, a small Bavarian town 120 miles north of Munich. About to celebrate it 100th birthday, SELTMANN WEIDEN is an expert in this business. SELTMANN HOTEL CHINA is well known in four and five star hotels all over the world and its quality and elegance is well respected by the most famous hotels and restaurants.

The year 1957 brought another company to the SELTMANN WEIDEN group. ROYAL TETTAU offers the highest quality of an extremely white, thin and translucent porcelain. Yet, the hard body and glaze still make it strong and highly chip-resistant. ROYAL TETTAU offers outstanding and high elegant shapes for private households as well as for high end restaurants. From day one, the SELTMANN WEIDEN group produced its porcelain exclusively in Germany, offering the client unique advantages. Combining nearly one hundred years‘ experience with the most modern production methods and strictest quality controls, the SELTMANN WEIDEN group ensures the most satisfying, reliable product. Manufactured in the Bavaria region of Germany, Seltmann Weiden is some of the finest porcelain manufactured in the world. SELTMANN WEIDEN’s nearly 1500 employees, working in the eight factories, manufacture a significant portion of the entire German porcelain production. SELTMANN WEIDEN’s predominant place in the industry allows for faster response to client orders and guarantees total reliability and cost-efficiency.

Over the decades, the SELTMANN WEIDEN group has made a name for itself built on a record of impeccable manufacturing, rich with innovation. The SELTMANN WEIDEN group exports to 65 countries worldwide and, thanks to long-term marketing strategies and an unimpeachable reputation, holds a place among best-known and highly regarded manufacturers in the entire industry.

Seltmann has fine ranges incorporating: Fine Dining, Banqueting, Buffet, Coffee & Tea, Home, Special Occasion. Products can be customized with your ‘in-glaze’ logo.
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