Anti-Bacterial Coating on Serving Utensils

Anti-Bacterial Coating on Serving Utensils & Cutlery

With COVID-19 forever changing the world forever, how we serve food to our guests in a safe manner will be a priority moving forward. Serving utensils are a common item that many people touch during service whether guests are being served or serving themselves.

Over the last three years, Mepra has teamed up with Abaco to develop an anti-bactericidal coating for serving utensils and equipment. Mepra pioneered the PVD coating (titanium embedding process) to utensils and cutlery which carries a lifetime guarantee.

Now thanks to Mepra’s patented system, the coating destroys bacteria cells by blocking their nutrition chain and the ability for the cells to divide and multiply.

Mepra product are 100% manufactured in Italy

This surface not only inhibits bacteria growth but destroys it. The coating lasts for the life of the utensils and even improves with time.


Buffet Serving Utensils and Room service equipment are two key areas that will need careful consideration. Buffets will require a heightened level of hygiene in all areas such as sneeze guards, sanitiser stations and even pre-portioned serves. Serving utensils are the obvious focus due to multiple hands touching the same item. Imagine serving utensils where the surface not only inhibits the growth of bacteria and some viruses, but destroys them.

Room Service will be another focus point. Mepra’s beautiful room service solution consists of a cloche, a thermal / insulation base and a disk that is used for heating and cool. This system can also be finished in Abaco anti-bacterial coating


Mepra has selected three flatware ranges to mass produce. ABACO coating is an extremely complicated, technical process and therefore is expensive to produce. Mepra’s plan to mass produce these ranges is their best effort to keep the prices down. The ranges available are: Atena, Michelangelo & Stoccolma. A mixture of classic, contemporary and semi-modern cutlery, all with a large selection in each range

Available in each range

Locations such as: Hotels, Aged Care Facilities, Restaurants, Airline Lounges, Hospitals etc would all benefit from using Mepra’s ABACO coated cutlery. Both to reduce virus and bacteria spread as well as boost consumer confidence