Hygiene Products by VENTA

VENTA have adapted to the current world environment by introducing FRONTSHIELD which is a range of sneeze guards suited to the entire range of VENTA modular LIVE COOKING, BUFFET & BANQUETING SYSTEMS. Designed to be unintrusive  to the complete table surface by clipping to the sides of the frame, FRONTSHIELD gives a completely hygienic aspect to the system while ensuring full visibility.

Like the rest of the system, FRONTSHIELD flat packs away nicely into purpose built trolleys. The stainless steel clip components come powder coated in the same colours as the table frames to integrate perfectly.



VENTA have also released ROOM AIR CLEANER. Using the same technology as AIRMOBIL, AIRCLEANER uses Plasma / Carbon technology to not only purify the air in a room & removes odours from cooking / smoke, but reduces colony forming units such as viruses, air-borne spores, bacteria, germs & aerosols.

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ELEMENTS by Venta – Live Cooking System

The latest addition to our buffet tables now concerns live cooking / front cooking, the experience of cooking and serving in front of the guests, so that every event becomes a highlight. The top focus was to ensure that the new ELEMENTS components can fit the existing range of VENTA tables. Our range of live cooking components is vast allowing you a myriad of cuisines from the West, the East and even premium À La Carte cooking. There are four tables that can be used and even joined together to offer a vast array of possibilities. From large cooking lines to satellite live stations. ELEMENTS is designed to be inserted lengthwise or crosswise as depicted in the ELEMENTS logo. A compact and mobile exhaust canopy was developed call AIRMOBIL was developed to ensure live cooking stations can be anywhere located indoors as well as outdoors. AIRMOBIL is a fully compliant carbon / plasma filter. Not only filtering fumes but killing airborne spores as well





As ELEMENTS uses four different sized table, you have the ability to have a number of satellite configurations. The below gallery will give you some examples of how this occurs.

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Venta – The Complete Modular Live Cooking, Buffet & Banqueting System

Venta now has the most complete modular and portable Live-cooking, Buffet and Banqueting system on the market, thanks to it’s innovative and comprehensive live cooking system. ELEMENTS Live Cooking Components has been added to the range. Consisting of Double-Induction, Teppanyaki Grill, Fryer, Pasta Cooker, Dim Sum Set & Carving Station to the cooking components which still integrate with the standard banqueting tables. AIR-MOBIL 80 is a portable, compact & compliant  carbon plasma exhaust canopy that rounds out the range. VENTA modular live cooking, buffet & banqueting system is the choice for not only events catering, but an alternative to fixed hotel buffets.

Where to use Venta in Hotels

  • Replace Fixed Buffets – Live Stations, Hot, cold & ambient food and beverage

  • Roof Top Functions / Pool Area / Outdoors – Portable Bar, Canapés, Live Stations

  •  VIP Dining -À la carte & Food Presentation

Is there a need to build a fixed buffet when you have the flexibility with Venta

With the side blinds and tops in a range of finishes, Venta looks like a fixed buffet specifically designed for the hotel. This allows hotels to have a versatile solution such as:

  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Satellite / Distanced buffet & live stations
  • Bar / Hot & cold canapés in various locations such as roof tops and pool areas
  • VIP service

ELEMENTS Live Cooking System


Easy Storing & Compact

Because Venta is adjustable in height and at varying lengths, you can easily store the tables when not in use as nesting tables. The whole also has purpose build built trolleys to store all components when flat-packed


watch this video to see how easy Venta is to assemble, the different configurations and range

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Innovative -5ºC to +140ºC Hot and Cold Food Presentation in One Self-Contained Unit

Austrian manufacturer, Hoeller produce an innovative Hot PLUS Cold Drop-In, Self-Contained Food Presentation Plate or Well. The ability to be able to serve food products like seafood, desserts, cold cuts, hot canapés, hot dishes & soups on one plate or well provides a versatility like no other product. Hot Breakfast – Cold Lunch – Hot Dinner on the same surface ensures an optimum space saving device while reducing capital expenditure.

Because Hoeller Hot PLUS Cold plates are self-contained, they are simply a ‘drop-in & plug-in’ unit. Therefore there is no need for connecting compressors, 2nd tier certification etc.


We can provide a customised Hot PLUS Cold mobile solution for Hotel and Aged Care purposes. Sneeze guards, Serving Gantries, Heat Lamps, Undercounter Refrigeration & Storage are all possible with Hoeller’s affiliation with Table Direct. Get in touch for a no obligation 3D rendering & proposal.



A number of hot / cold / combinations options are available from the Hoeller range giving you the ability to use existing counters to serve cold & cold solutions in an array of scenarios.



Kopa Commercial Charcoal Smoker & Oven in One

Traditional cooking techniques meet modern technology with Kopa’s Commercial Smoker Oven. KOPA smoking oven is a versatile hot and cold charcoal smoker/oven with added speed of electrical heating. KOPA smoking oven is traditional wood oven for the restaurant of the 21st century.

Slowly cooked dishes that were till now possible to prepare only with a use of traditional wood ovens and cooking methods, can now be prepared in an oven that is hygienically suited for restaurants and is electronically controlled for the ease of use.

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Handle Hygiene – Automatically Sanitises Doors Handles After Each Use

Table Direct has introduced the innovative Handle Hygiene – Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser. Handle Hygiene does not require batteries as it has a mechanical trigger that sprays the door handle every time the door shuts. The active ingredient is a ready to Use Hospital Grade disinfectant for clean or dirty conditions, that cleans and kills. Bactericidal, virucidal including Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) , sporicidal (including C-Difficile), tuberculocidal, fungicidal and kills mould, and that provides a reactive barrier that stays active between cleans for ongoing protection.

Watch the short Handle Hygiene video below


Handle Hygiene is very cost effective at only around 3 cents per squirt and no labour is required to constantly clean the door handles. Because of the unique ongoing, active barrier, even if someone sneezes on the door or there are other airborne particles, the barrier continues to kill the pathogens.

CSIRO research shows COVID-19 can stay on stainless steel surfaces such as door handles for up to at least 28 days at room temperature

Get in touch today to discuss a program to help keep your staff and guests safe, while created a great public perception of hygiene.

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Serve Still & Sparkling Wine by the glass in perfect condition for over two weeks

Serving still & sparkling wine by the glass can be very hit & miss in both quality and wastage. Duravin+ preserves still & sparkling wines, stopping oxidisation while maintaining perlage in sparkling wine and champagne. This allows venues to have a larger range by the glass and ensuring your guests get a glass in perfect condition for a minimum of two weeks, with zero wastage

Watch the Duravin+ video for features, benefits & range information


A particular issue is sparkling wine and champagne. Being able to serve a consistent amount of bubbles (perlage) is almost impossible.

One wine bar manager said

I throw out bottle of sparkling wine every day. Sometimes they’re three quarters full!

With Duravin+ you can guarantee the quality of your sparkling and champagne by the glass, ensuring you get 100% yield from every bottle

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Eco Serve – Flexible Solutions for Individual Portions, Satellite Stations or Even Mobile.

Let’s face it, Buffets are heading into unchartered territory. But let’s also face it, buffets will need to find a way! Too many industry sectors depend on buffets….or a version of them! Facilities like convention centres / caterers / hotel / event spaces / executive lounges and the list goes on.

Eco Serve is a cost effective and versatile solution offering concepts that assist moving forward. Whether it is individual portions ensuring no multilple touch-points, satellite food stations ensuring distancing….or the buffet coming to you. Eco Serve is flexible thanks to the innovative Eco Burner. Eco serve is a waterless alternative to chafing dishes. Carrying hot water creates burns risk and Eco Burner is a safe, eco-friendly and cost effective food warming device.

The team at Eco Burner, in collaboration with industry input has come up with a couple of interesting concepts that you might find interesting and worthwhile pursuing.

Individual Portions – Satellite Stations – Eco Serve Trolley

Individual Portions

Watch this short Individual Portion Concept Video. It explain the individual portion concept for both hot and cold food.

Download the Eco Serve Individual Portion Concept Document

Satellite Stations

The beauty of Eco Serve is the benefit of flexibility. No power cables, no hot water & Eco Burner that can run for up to 7 hours without refilling. Keeping guests separated and serving food in unlimited locations (such as outside or on the beach) is done with ease with Eco Serve

Eco Serve Trolley

Does the buffet come to you?

Similar to the Yum Cha concept, with effective heating & cooling technology food can be delivered to the table. Eco Serve can easily be adapted to work in custom trolleys.

Obviously these are all concepts that under investigation, but we have to explore. Buffets will most likely return to some semblance of normal. But until then, will buffets be a fusion of the buffet we knew pre-pandemic with mixed with other food service styles from various cultures such as Yum Cha and Bento?

Eco Serve is the most effective, flexible and cost effective product on the market. It is a budget conscious solution with the versatility to adapt to each stage or easing or change. Please feel free to contact us or join us for a personal video chat if you would like to discuss further.



HANDLE HYGIENE – Automatic Door Handle sanitising Solution

MEPRA ABACO – Antibacterial Cutlery & Serving Utensils

FRILICH GUARD – Portable and flexible range of sneeze guards for counters, table & buffets

SURFACE SKINS – Antibacterial Door Push Pads


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Automatic Door Handle Sanitisers

Handle Hygiene by Hygiene Solutions is a worldwide patented Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser. Each time the door closes, all types of handles get sanitised automatically. No batteries or power is required. 4000 handles sprays per refill at around 2 cents per spray.

Hygiene Solutions was formed with a vision to eliminate germs and cross contamination from door handles. The company has perfected a clinically proven, safe and effective door handle sanitiser. Unlike many other handle cleaners or handle coatings, the Handle Hygiene door handle sanitising device works every time the door is used. Therefore, leaving the door handle clean for the next person to use.

According to the World Health Organisation, door handles play a major part in the spread of infections, including coronavirus, with a study from the New England Journal of Medicine finding Covid-19 is capable of surviving up to three days on door handles.

Handle Hygiene is fixed above a door handle and works by automatically spraying the door handle with a sanitiser spray that kills 99.999% of germs, including COVID-19, after each use.



• Uses a simple atomising pump – No harmful aerosols, which can cause damage to the human respiratory system,

• No alcohol on the door which is regarded as a fire Hazard

• Operates automatically – guaranteed to work each time the door is used, involuntary action therefore not reliant on human effort, resulting in extreme effectiveness

• Extremely cost effective – operates when required, and only when required. If door is used 100 times a day, it works 100 times a day, if the door is used once a day, it only works once a day.

• Self-financing – If it only prevents cross contamination by one case per year, it more than pays for itself, by reducing, sick leave from the workplace, food poisoning in a restaurant, hospital acquired infection, etc.

• Highly visible hygiene statement – demonstrates the owner or management’s commitment to the provision of a clean and safe environment for staff, clients and visitors alike.

• Prevention is always better than cure – toilet doors in any location where there are multi-use facilities, are a well-documented source of cross contamination, with germs like the common cold and the flu virus capable of surviving on them for several days.

• Passive spread of sanitising fluid – While the purpose of the mechanism is primarily to ensure that the door handle is safe to touch, an added advantage is that people who touch the handle are guaranteed to get traces of the sanitising fluid onto their hands that they would not otherwise have

• Low maintenance – The simplicity of the product makes it very easy to install, and ensures that no maintenance is required, you simply change the cartridge.




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Duravin+ by Italian manufacturer, Winefit are an innovative range of wine & champagne preservation systems that allow you to confidentally serve by the glass. Duravin+ keeps wine and champagne in perfect condition for a minimum of two weeks. Champagne by the glass is a common issue for restaurants, bars, pubs and cellar doors as  profitability / quality / or both can be seriously affected. Still wine, particularly red varieties unless preserved and stored correctly are also a problem.

The Duravin+ ranges consists of a still preserver, a sparkling wine preserver and a combination machine.

The Duravin+ range is completed by the Durafrost machine. Durafrost chills glasses down using CO2 to -35 degrees quickly, allowing you produce the perfect drink whether it be cocktails, beers & spirits. This system removes all odours and instantly kills bacteria.


Duraperl – Sparkling Wine Preservation

Duravacu – Still Wine Preservation

Durafrost – Glass Chiller


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Duravin+ Wine & Champagne Preservation Systems