Automatic Door Handle Sanitisers

Automatic Door Handle Sanitisers

Handle Hygiene by Hygiene Solutions is a worldwide patented Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser. Each time the door closes, all types of handles get sanitised automatically. No batteries or power is required. 4000 handles sprays per refill at around 2 cents per spray.

Hygiene Solutions was formed with a vision to eliminate germs and cross contamination from door handles. The company has perfected a clinically proven, safe and effective door handle sanitiser. Unlike many other handle cleaners or handle coatings, the Handle Hygiene door handle sanitising device works every time the door is used. Therefore, leaving the door handle clean for the next person to use.

According to the World Health Organisation, door handles play a major part in the spread of infections, including coronavirus, with a study from the New England Journal of Medicine finding Covid-19 is capable of surviving up to three days on door handles.

Handle Hygiene is fixed above a door handle and works by automatically spraying the door handle with a sanitiser spray that kills 99.999% of germs, including COVID-19, after each use.



• Uses a simple atomising pump – No harmful aerosols, which can cause damage to the human respiratory system,

• No alcohol on the door which is regarded as a fire Hazard

• Operates automatically – guaranteed to work each time the door is used, involuntary action therefore not reliant on human effort, resulting in extreme effectiveness

• Extremely cost effective – operates when required, and only when required. If door is used 100 times a day, it works 100 times a day, if the door is used once a day, it only works once a day.

• Self-financing – If it only prevents cross contamination by one case per year, it more than pays for itself, by reducing, sick leave from the workplace, food poisoning in a restaurant, hospital acquired infection, etc.

• Highly visible hygiene statement – demonstrates the owner or management’s commitment to the provision of a clean and safe environment for staff, clients and visitors alike.

• Prevention is always better than cure – toilet doors in any location where there are multi-use facilities, are a well-documented source of cross contamination, with germs like the common cold and the flu virus capable of surviving on them for several days.

• Passive spread of sanitising fluid – While the purpose of the mechanism is primarily to ensure that the door handle is safe to touch, an added advantage is that people who touch the handle are guaranteed to get traces of the sanitising fluid onto their hands that they would not otherwise have

• Low maintenance – The simplicity of the product makes it very easy to install, and ensures that no maintenance is required, you simply change the cartridge.




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