Chef sommelier at the restaurant Georges Blanc, 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Vonnas, where excellence is a requirement, Fabrice Sommier has been crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007 & Master of Port 2010.

The glass, the only tableware which remains on the table throughout the meal, is the setting that magnifies this long process that aims for perfection: winemaking. Lehmann Glass has collaborated with Fabrice Sommier to design a Collection respecting the purest traditions. The curves, the finesse and the lightness of this Collection make every step of the tasting simply unique!

“Wine is a combination of culture and encounters with people. I particularly care for food & wine pairing and for the bonding moments which come with these times of sharing.” Fabrice Sommier


The search for excellence of the Lehmann Glass brand-led Gérard Lehmann to work with Philippe JAMESSE. In 2016, we have evolved the collection towards more sensitivity. The curves of the Jamesse Prestige collection respect the development of carbonic gas and fluid’s movements in order to respond to ever-changing trends in Champagne wines.

The enhanced pointed base is a specific starting point for bubbles and creates an accurate swirl.
The broad and generous roundness of each glass provides an optimal stretch for the wine.
The glasses close slowly and give the aromatic fragrances time to break free.
Their transparency makes it easier to appreciate the different shades of colours.

“Current viticulture methods offer Champagne a wide variety of profiles and an infinite palette of tastes, colours and aging. The spherical shape of Jamesse Prestige glasses preserves and reveals the colour shades and energy contained in Champagne wines.”



Many of our eminent clients were looking for a new way of tasting Champagne. They wished a glass that was fairly similar to that of a wine glass and yet retains the pointed base which ensures a maximum bubbling effect.

This led to the creation of hybrid glasses with modern curves. The Absolus 38 and 47 can bring out the aromas in any one of your wines, be they sparkling or still.


The Opale collection was originally designed by Lehmann Glass  to meet the needs of the Champagne houses who wanted a flute with a pronounced pointed bowl which would enhance the bubbling effect in their finest Champagne.

Over the years, connoisseurs have taken to these glasses due to their specific features which ensure prolonged and fine bubbling effects.


The Authentiques collection is Lehmann Glass’ flagship range. Its design is both elegant and refined.

This line was designed to meet the needs of the Champagne houses who wanted mouth-blown stemware for tasting their Champagne.

The prominent pointed bottom of the bowl will improve and maintain the bubbling of your sparkling wines!

A complete range that can meet anyone’s needs; the shape used for the Excellence glass is gradually superseding that of the “INAO” glass.

Designed to be simple, elegant and robust, the Excellence will soon become your favourite glass for tasting wines on an everyday basis.


Decanting enhances the aromas in wines:

  • White wines, sweet wines, certain fruity, young red wines and even some Champagnes can be decanted.
  • Decanting a strong, young wine several hours before serving enables the wine to open up and attain a level of maturity that would normally take many years of ageing.
  • Older wines, that is 10 years old or more, are more complex and need to be treated individually.

Our decanters are manufactured according to traditional methods and will surprise you with their original, refined and elegant forms specially designed for all types of wines.