Scandinavian designed and manufactured range of Heat Lamps

Key points:

  • 100% manufactured in Sweden;
  • Dominates the European market with a 75% market share;
  • Classic Scandinavian design;
  • Market-leading warranty with a 2-year replacement warranty;
  • Innovative countertop versions are available.


A modern interpretation of the classic industrial lamp.

Every detail is designed with purpose and optimised for its specific function.

Equipping the very best to allow their creations to take centre stage.

Available in several models, as fixed length and with a rise and fall function.


Product Information:

Shade: H 250mm / Ø 200 – 220 mm

Material: Anodised Aluminum

Power: 230 V / 250 W


Nordic Design

Stayhot products have been designed and developed by our creative team here in Sollentuna, a quick drive north of Stockholm. We focus on creating flexible and functional product solutions with Nordic and modern forms that stand out from the crowd.

Made in Sweden by Hand

Centering the manufacturing process in our Swedish factory provides us with superior control over materials, suppliers, and recycling, where we only accept the highest quality.
Each manufactured product is individually tested and carefully inspected by the Stayhot team before packing and delivery.

Model RO

Heat Lamp Focus RO – Retractable Cord

Heat Lamp Focus RO – Standard Cord

Model RS

Heat Lamp Focus RS – Retractable Cord

Heat Lamp Focus RS – Standard Cord

Model MO

Heat Lamp Focus MO – Retractable Cord

Heat Lamp Focus MO – Standard Cord

Model MS

Heat Lamp Focus MS – Retractable Cord

Heat Lamp Focus MS – Standard Cord

Model IO

Heat Lamp Focus IO – Retractable Cord

Heat Lamp Focus IO – Standard Cord

Freestanding Heat Lamp

Freestanding Heat Lamp – Focus LPF

Freestanding Heat Lamp – Focus LPF/Clamp Base

Stayhot Heat Lamp Classic

Manufactured in our Swedish warehouse, the Stayhot Classic heat lamps are available in several models, as fixed-length or with a rise and fall function. All our models are available in aluminum, brass, copper, and black.

Product Information:

Shade: H 350mm / Ø 180mm
Material: Anodised Aluminum
Power: 230 V / 250 W

Stayhot Heat Lamp Exclusive

Heat Lamp Exclusive offers a timeless and elegant food warming option that fits well into most restaurant interiors. This specific model is available in two standard finishes and comes with a retractable cord mount.

Product Information:

Shade: H 250 mm / Ø 240 mm
Material: Steel
Power: 230 V / 250 W

Stayhot Heat Lamp Trattoria

Stayhot Heat Lamp Trattoria offers timeless design combined with unmatched performance; the perfect choice for the demanding restaurant. Using only components of the highest quality, these heat lamps are manufactured with precision at our warehouse in Sollentuna, Sweden.

Choose with or without retractable cord mounting. Available in three standard colours; aluminium, black, and bronze.

Product Information:

Shade: H 330 mm / Ø 280 mm
Material: Aluminium / Anodised
Power: 230 V / 250 W

Stayhot Heat Lamp Compact

Heat Lamp Compact is an elegant and minimal heat lamp, which is slightly smaller compared to our other models. Heat Lamp Compact comes with a rise and fall function and power switch. Its timeless shape suits all types of restaurant interiors.

Product Information:

Shade: H 220 mm / Ø 140 mm
Material: Steel
Power: 230 V / 250 W