Fully Portable Buffet, Banqueting & Live Cooking System

Live Cooking – Buffet – Nesting Tables – Bars – Cocktail Furniture

Fully Portable & Exclusive Design for Hotels, Events and Catering


Venta is developed in Berlin, produced in Europe, and is sold worldwide. Venta is an extremely broad solution meeting the high demands of the hotel industry, events & catering industries. A unique advantage of Venta is the tables are adjustable in height & with varying lengths, allowing you to next the tables while not in use. The table can then be used as static buffet or add components such as Invisible Induction, Hot PLUS Cold plates, Heat Lamps, Sneeze Guards and more. Now we have added ELEMENTS Live Cooking Components to the range. Existing of Double-Induction, Teppanyaki Grill, Fryer, Pasta Cooker, Dim Sum Set & Carving Station to the cooking components which still integrate with the standard banqueting tables. AIR-MOBIL 80 is a portable carbon plasma exhaust canopy that rounds out the range. VENTA modular live cooking, buffet & banqueting system is the choice for not only events catering, but an alternative to fixed hotel buffets. With the side blinds and tops in a range of finishes, Venta looks like a fixed buffet specifically designed for the hotel. This allows hotels to have a versatile solution such as:

  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Satellite / Distanced buffet & live stations
  • Bar / Hot & cold canapés in various locations such as roof tops and pool areas
  • VIP service

Thanks to the sophisticated trolley system, the buffet tables can be transported and stored in even the smallest spaces.


Including The New Induction Vario System



INDUCTION WARM is a multi-zone under-mounted induction warming system. An extremely innovative product that is completely invisible creating a seamless setting


Our exclusive STAGE tables are available in three lengths and two depths and are equipped with an integrated height adjustment.


In using induction heaters or classic chafing dishes VENTA offers two options for keeping food warm at the Hot Buffet Station.


The buffet can be supplemented with a live cooking station that offers action and the possibility to prepare dishes “à la minute”.


The BUFFET SETUP 200 PAX is a planning aid which enables F&B managers to create a suitable setup for their event.


VENTA cocktail tables in addition to elegantly designed stools and the special MOBILE BAR are mainly used for cocktail receptions.


All food and beverages areas can be excellently equipped with VENTA tables as they all fit together and can be combined as desired.


The proven STAGE buffet system from our VENTA Interior range can be converted into a mobile bar in many color and material options.


VENTA developed a passive cooling and an electrically operated cooling which also can be used to heat and keep food warm.


The VENTA TABLE RISERS have been developed to complement the STAGE buffet table system and to make the buffet look more appealing.


The COOL RISERS are a combination of the STAGE_ETAGERE and the cooling batteries to keep food cold but attractively arranged.


The mobile buffet table BAIN-MARIE with integrated hot-cold tub allows to be used both as a cooling table and to keep food warm.


The CUPBOARD is similar to a buffet table but designed as a lockable storage space with shelves insight and door at front.


In addition to its function as spit protection, the SNEEZEGUARD can also be used as a buffet extension for decorative purposes.


Our BLINDS for the STAGE table system can be quickly and easily connected to the table frame via a combined magnet and hook system.


The supply of the coffee machine (fresh water, water filter, waste water tank) is fully accommodated in a lockable cabinet on castors.

Modular Live Cooking, Buffet & Banqueting System

ELEMENTS is a range of ‘drop-in’ Live Cooking components that integrate with the existing ‘S’ & ‘XS’ range of tables. The range is made up of: TEPPAN GRILL – INDUCTION COOK – PASTA SET – COOL + HOT PLATE – CARVING SET – DIM SUM SET – FRYER SET. The range is rounded out by the innovative AIR MOBIL 80. A compliant carbon / plasma mobile exhaust canopy that allows you to cook inside and outside



The VENTA trolley system ensures the transport, storage and fast and convenient assembly and dismantling of several buffet tables.

In addition to their functionality, the emphasis is also on the exclusive and elegant design of our VENTA buffet tables. We have applied a modern design to our exclusive buffet furniture, giving it a stylish and high-quality appearance, and concealing how flexible, versatile and practical it is.

Watch to see how easy Venta is to assemble and some of the fabulous features

Foldable, stackable or modular systems

All VENTA furniture has special features that make our exclusive products distinctive and unique. Each individual product was designed as a foldable, stackable or modular system, so our high-quality furniture can always be securely stored, taking up very little space.

All VENTA furniture is put together without the use of any tools


A matching trolley system is available for all VENTA furniture items, where the table parts can be stacked individually and secured in place against one another.

All VENTA furniture is put together without the use of any tools and there are no parts that can get lost. The connecting elements between the table frame and table-top are always made of stainless steel and are produced using high-precision lathes. The consistent quality of our products is ensured through regular physical controls.

VENTA products are designed as foldable, stackable or modular systems, enabling our furniture to be stored securely and using very little space. We also offer additional equipment for many VENTA products to make them even more simple and convenient to manage. All foldable tables can be equipped with rollerskates, for example. This enables the buffet tables to be moved around the room quickly and easily without having to carry them or take them apart and put them together again.

12 Key Features


    table system available in three standard lengths (L=196 cm, M=180 cm, 2 x XS=80 cm).
    the three standard sizes can be pushed together, so that only 1.96 m of the 5.36 m buffet table length is required as NESTING system.
    system available in two table depths, 80 cm = classic buffet size/50 cm = table depth for smaller meeting rooms. Combinations of the two table depths result in interesting buffet variants or e.g. a MOBILE BAR.
    each table can be optimised for the respective area of use with additional equipment (e.g. shelves below the table surface for use as a plate shelf).
    a light, elegant buffet system consisting only a metal frame for the table legs and a transparent glass top. Or a buffet system with full equipment including appliances for heating and cooling, thermal bridges, shelves and blinds – STAGE can do both.
    wheel diameter in three sizes suitable for the application: small = in the room or on the floor/medium = in the whole hotel, also suitable for lifts or smaller thresholds/large = in-house and outdoor, also usable on the terrace.
    four table heights can be adjusted at each table in a grid of 8 cm, thus enabling an interesting and varied furniture construction.
    buffet table on wheels, which can be moved in any room and throughout the hotel, all wheels are lockable to fix the table in place.
    if required, the system can be dismantled without tools and stowed in trolleys (wooden boxes on wheels), each part has a fixed place due to a grid system and cannot be damaged during transport.
    elegant lacquering of the table frames and the table tops (underside of the glass tops), so the matching colour to the room concept is selectable.
    table tops available in „compact top“ material with various decorative surfaces (photoreproduction: wood, stone, metal).
    various decor panels to choose from, variants from completely closed to translucent, can be quickly assembled and disassembled by magnet attachment, enables „invisible supply“.