Quality, experience, innovation, style and focus on the details are the characteristics that F.A.A.R has always adopted like guidelines of its own production.
Quality: the use of first choice materials and the technical ability is to the base of our constructive philosophy.
Experience: since more than 45 year we are beside the professionals of the field.
Innovation: there is always something new in our proposals in order to solve the demands of our customers.
Style: our product is not only an object, but a choice of taste and preciousness in forms and proportions.
Cure of the details: every our product is the result of an handicraft process of construction and attention to the details.
Our enterprise was born at the beginning of years 60, thanks to the initiative and the technical ability of Mr. Enrico Marchesi, fruit of years of experience in lathe and acquaintance of the materials, reached inside of Silverware Arthur Krupp factory.


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