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Eco Serve – powered by Eco Burner, is continuing to grow momentum worldwide and is now in over 40 countries! Eco Serve is a sleek, sustainable, waterless alternative to chafing dishes offering a fresh new look for: Buffets, Outdoor Events, Corporate Suites, Working Lunches, Weddings and many more applications – Click here to find out more

Quick Environmental Facts

Just by using Eco serve – powered by Eco Burner, you will make a huge positive effect on the environment in comparison to using chemical burners (gels and wicks).

  • Chafing Dishes require up to 5 litres of water per unit. You eliminate water usage altogether with Eco Serve. Imagine how much water you would save over the course of a year?

  • You will see carbon emissions reductions of up to 75% compared to chemical burners

  • Because Eco Burner is refillable and the Eco Fuel can is recyclable, you will see huge reductions in landfill!

  • Just one of our valued customers has in the last 12 months saved around 500kg of landfill and 1.5 tons of carbon emissions reduction alone, not to mention the water savings.

  • Is your company following their Sustainability and Environmental Policy?

Product News

We are proud to announce that Eco Burner are in the final market trial stages of Eco Serve GN 1/1. The gastronorm sized version will compliment our small & large Eco Serves or will serve well those require just that little bit more volume.

Our goal is to launch Eco Serve GN1/1 early in the new year. We’ll keep you posted!

Customer Gallery

As I mentioned, Eco Serve is now in over 40 countries worldwide. Below is a small gallery of some Eco Serve users around the world.

More information on our Eco Serve page 

Or download Catalogue


Holler New 2019 Catalogue – New Products

Holler launched it’s latest catalogue at The Host exhibition in Milan this month. This catalogue highlights it’s staple range of products, particularly it’s world’s best Hot PLUS Cold plate.

Holler also launched a range of new products such as:

  • Woodline – A series of countertop hot and cold plates and wells with beautifully wooden surrounds
  • Dekton Surface – In addition to Gorilla Glass, Hoeller plates can be finished with manufactured stone Dekton
  • Heat Lamps – A range of pendant and strip heater with the added options of sneeze guards

Quick Facts – Hoeller Hot Plus Cold Plate


Hoeller Hot PLUS Cold plates have a number of advantageous features that you might not know! Here are a couple.

  • Hot PLUS Cold plates are a complete, self-contained drop-in unit that plugs straight to power

  • The Hot operation reaches 140 degrees C which means flexibility and guarantee of safe temperatures

  • The Cold operation drops down to minus 5 degrees C which is perfect to create a frost top solution

  • Standard Sizes are: 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1. Custom sizes are also available

New Products

Woodline – A complete range of counter-top hot, cold or combination displays complete with a range of matching accessories for breakfast, juice, cold cut displays and much more

Dekton – Manufactured Stone Surface. Hoeller plates are now available in manufactured stone to match or contrast your countertop. Dekton is an extremely durable, scratch-resistant surface that gives you a beautiful aesthetic look.

Heat Lamps – In the catalogue, you will find an impressive range of pendant and strip heat lamps. The pendant lamps are available in fixed height and retractable. Customer colours available. The strip heaters are available on their own or as portable bench-top bridge and bench mounted. Now available with sneeze guards and in custom sizes and finishes



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New Innovations By Venta Modular Buffet Systems

This year at the Host Exhibition, Venta released a number of new innovations to add to their already impressive range. But before we tell you all about them…a quick fact.

One of the unique features of Venta the tables are adjustable in height. This allows you to create a beautiful buffet set-up with height and depth, add your heating and cooling components and then save a huge amount of space by turning them into nesting tables. One set of nesting tables equals 5.36m of table space!



STAGE_80_XS_ICE_WELL The ICE WELL with a depth of 20 cm is designed for cooling bottles. The entire well is filled with ice cubes. The well is equipped with a drainage tap and thus offers the possibility to drain the entire contents (melted ice = water) after use. A bucket can be placed under the table when the shut- off valve gets opened. In addition, a 1/1 GN grid basket can be used in the ice well. In this way the not yet melted ice can be easily removed. The ice well is available in two sizes (80 x 80 cm and 50 x 80 cm) for a buffet depth of 80 cm. The tub can be closed with the supplied insert plates (two pieces each) so that the table top can be used as a shelf. (Dimensions: LxWxH 80x80x92cm) Item No.: 80092
VENTA offers matching LED panels for lighting the FRONT and SIDEBLINDS with translucent fabric. Two sizes are available: a square version measuring 62.5 x 62.5 cm for 80 cm buffet depth and a rectangular version measuring 60 x 30 cm for 50 cm buffet depth. The panels can produce both white and colored light and are controlled by a remote cont- rol. The panels are all individually powered by a 230V power cable. With the remote control the panels can be program- med in such a way that all (up to 100 pieces) shine in the same color. The LED panels can be easily placed directly under the table on the floor, or as a more elegant solution on the SHELF_LOW. This has the advantage that the LED panels cannot be seen from a distance and the table can also be rolled with the LED panels.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 62,5 x 62,5 x 5,4 cm)
Item No.: 66033
The RACK with the dimensions 80 x 80 cm is a perfect addition to the existing STAGE system. All plates, bowls, glasses and cut- lery required at the buffet can be perfectly accommodated here. The RACK has fixed shelves which are separated from each other by a central wall. On one side there
is only one shelf in the middle, while on the other side are two fixed shelves. Depending on the required height of use, the customer selects the suitable side. The open sides can be closed by VENTA Standard SIDEBLINDS so that the contents disappear behind them. The shelf walls are equipped with magnets so that the SIDEBLINDS can be attached to them. The shelving system
is available for a buffet depth of 80 cm in widths of 50 and 80 cm.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 80x80x92cm)
Item No.: 80088
The VENTA BACKBAR was developed as a shelf for use behind the mobile bar, or as a supplement to the STAGE buffet tables. Based on the dimensions of the 50 cm deep buffet tables, it can be easily combined with all tables of the STAGE series. It is suitable for storing bottles, glasses and other utensils. The variable height adjustment (grid: 10 cm) of the shelves allows the shelf to be adjusted to all required sizes.
The BACKBAR is equipped with castors and can therefore be easily moved around in the room. All four castors can be locked so that the BACKBAR is stabi- lized in place. The BACKBAR is made of strong metal profile (40 x 40 mm) and powder coated. The shelves are made of compact plate (10 mm) and are additional- ly reinforced by a metal strut under the shelf for stabi- lization/support. The metal frames and compact plates are available in all VENTA colors/decors.
(Dimensions: LxWxH 160x50x181cm)
Item No.: 34001




10 New Products Launching at Fine Foods Sydney

Table Direct are exhibiting at Fine Foods Sydney, displaying Eco Serve & Eco Burner, along with a snapshot of the latest ranges Figgjo, Pordamsa, Mepra, Seltmann & Toyo Sasaki. We are well known for our beautiful ranges of tableware and buffet displays, but we are here to let you know we are now much more!

In addition to our existing ranges of innovative and stylish live cooking and buffet equipment brands such as Livecookintable, Spring & Höller Buffet Solutions, we are also excited to launch 10 innovative new products to the Australian market


1 – Kopa Charcoal Grilling Ovens – more information

2 – Venta Design Portable Buffet Display – More Information

3 – Höller Hot PLUS Cold Lamp in one

4 – Sanodegusto Tableware with integrated heating and cooling technology – more information

5 – Kopa Charcoal Robata Grill – more information

6 – Temptainer Self Contained Hot / Cold / Both Trolleys – more information

7 – Höller Heat Lamps

8 – Frilich Picknick Buffet Display with integrated static cooling

9 – Heiss Cast Aluminium Induction Cookware. Cast Iron Look – 1/3 of the weight

10 – Gastros Invisible Induction

Where – ICC, Darling Habour, Sydney

When – 9th-12th September 2019

Stand – HT24

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth, walk you through our products and discuss our unbeatable show specials

For more information, contact us or visit our website

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It’s Time For Action on Waste


The time is now for not only corporate responsibility but for all of us to take action. It’s time now!

Why critical?

In the past, we have sent huge amounts of waste to predominantly countries such as China, India and Indonesia for processing. Well that has all stopped! These countries are now refusing to accept our trash which leaves us with a huge problem! Australia doesn’t have the infrastructure to process our waste and is now getting to crisis point

Check this Bloomberg story (after a short advert). Bloomberg outlines that Humans are expected to generate 3.4 billion tons of trash annually by 2050. But countries are running out of places to put it. (Source: Bloomberg)


Eco Burner

We introduced Eco Burner to Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands in early 2017. Eco Burner is a Marine Grade Stainless Steel, refillable heating device for chafing dishes on buffets. It is refilled using a clean burning, sustainable butane/propane fuel out of a fully recyclable can. Eco Burner is replacing toxic chemical burners called gels and wick that, once used….AND NEVER FULLY USED….is thrown into landfill!

Since introducing Eco Burner into the competitive Australian buffet fuel market, we have grown rapidly from Zero, thanks to our environmental and safety conscious customers. Although still commanding less than an estimated 5% of the Australian market, we have already made astonishing environmental advancements since launching in 2017:

Our collective Australian customers have reduced their carbon footprint and landfill waste!



*Based on independent study by Carbon Footprint – See report

** Eco Burner is a refillable stainless steel recepticle. Fuel Cans are fully recyclable. Chemical burners contain left over hazardous waste and at minimum residual hazardous waste which needs to go into landfill. Based on average 2 hour fuel can weighing 50 grams empty and includes average 30% wastage

If Eco Burner has just 5% of the market, the national buffet fuel usage could reduce carbon emissions by 1,220 tonnes & reduce landfill waste by 440 tonnes per year. That is a great step forward for hospitality sustainability!

Other benefits of Eco Burner

  • Safer – Eco Burner turns off when tipped over or when chafing dishes run out of water and is cool to touch
  • Non-Toxic – Chemical Burners create toxic fumes and is dangerous when breathed. Face masks and gloves should be worn
  • Cheaper – Because you use 100% of the fuel, there is no wastage PLUS you generally only need one per chafer
  • Versatile – Eco Burner won’t go out in the wind.



Did you know?

Australia has around 600 officially registered landfill sites and as many as 2,000 unregulated landfill sites? That’s one for every 8,500 Australians! What?

Source: The Conversation – Story


To take the message a step further, we introduced Eco Serve! The latest innovation in beautiful, sustainable and portable buffet presentations. Eco Serve is a slick, waterless replacement for chafing dishes which is powered by Eco Burner. In addition to Eco Burner’s environmental benefits, Eco Serve’s unique heating design uses less fuel than conventional chafing dishes with the main benefit being it requires absolutely no water. The average chafing dish requires between 2 – 4 litres of water. We have also adopted easy to remove bowls unlike standard chafing dishes which are extremely hard to remove. This promotes fresher food, more often… and much less waste!

Eco Serve is perfect for all day buffets, weddings, functions, meeting rooms, private parties and more.

Find out more about Eco Serve

PAGE – https://www.tabledirect.com.au/eco-serve/ 

LATEST BLOG – https://www.tabledirect.com.au/eco-serve-safe-green-stylish/

CUSTOMER GALLERY – https://www.tabledirect.com.au/eco-serve-gallery-worldwide-customers/

Temptainer – Hot, Cold & Combination Food Transport Trolleys

Temptainer is the new generation of high quality stainless steel boxes from Hallins. The aim is the same as before – to create the absolute best conditions to preserve the essence of good food, all the way from kitchen to table. The right temperature with low energy consumption and the right design for perfect hygiene and healthy working environment are of utmost importance.

A flexible and easy way to transport food

It is easy to be fond of Temptainers food transport trolleys. When you choose a food trolley from Temptainer , you get many advantages

  • Constant temperature retention
  • Hygienic cabinet, easy-to-clean
  • Stainless steel (robust and durable)
  • Climate Smart (long service life and low energy consumption)
  • Hot, cold or neutral (combine in one cart)
  • Easy to transport (easy-rolling castors)

Custom Wrap Your Temptainer

Why not wrap your temptainer? We can custom foil your trolley with your company’s logo / imagery, a cartoon theme for children’s hospital or just pimp it up!

Temptainers food transport trolleys are available in three different models:

Single deisgn trolley with one space. The food transport trolley is available in different sizes and in different versions such as neutral, convection heating, compressor cooling and Peltier cooling.

Trolley with two stacked compartments. The trolley provides the possibility of transporting both hot and cold food. Available in different variants and sizes.

Trolley with double compartments, side by side. Comes in serveral combinations with neutral, heating and cooling storage. Available in different variants and sizes.

For more information on the huge range, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 822 533 (+61 7 3397 0595 outside Australia) or email info@tabledirect.com.au . More contact details here

Sanodegusto Tableware with Intergrated Hot & Cold Holding Technology

Sanodegusto is a striking range of tableware, plates and platters with integrated Tempcontrol technology. Simply put, you store your plates in either in a warmer or freezer and then once taken out, Tempcontrol technology slowly releases the hot or cold. What’s even more amazing is the hot version drops to 55ºC quickly and then maintains that temperature for over 30 minutes

What is Tempcontrol® technology?

Tempcontrol® is a revolutionary, integrated heating and cooling technology for tableware. The technology consists of a heat- or cold-stimulating material. It keeps tableware either warm or cold longer than any existing tableware.

Your food will always be served at the right temperature with all flavours preserved. Sanodegusto tableware gives you more time to plate and serve your dish. Also, there is no need to rush while eating, as Tempcontrol® guarantees the perfect temperature of the plate until the end of the dinner.

Click to Watch the video:

Best Uses

  • Room Service – No need for hot boxes or refrigerated trolleys

  • Canapés – serve food at the right temperature for longer

  • Aged Care and Health Care – Serve food at the right temperature with out the need for expensive heated or refrigerated meal delivery trolleys

For more information on Sanodegusto or to discover the range of colours and textures, download the catalogue below:

Eco Serve Gallery – Worldwide Customers

Eco Serve, powered by Eco Burner is a sleek, waterless alternative to chafing dishes. Eco Serve is safe, environmentally friendly, versatile, portable & extremely cost effective! Eco Serve has now made it’s mark in dozens of countries worldwide and is used in a variety of locations from creative caterers in Australia to 5 star hotel buffets in Dubai to rustic outdoor settings on the beaches of Mexico and Bahamas.

Below is a gallery of some of the uses Eco serve is used around the world!

For more information, check out below link to discover the benefits of Eco Serve:



More about ECO BURNER

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Kopa – Professional Charcoal Cooking & Grilling Solutions


Table Direct are proud to announce that we are the new distributors of Kopa Professional Charcoal Ovens.

Kopa Ovens manufacture a brilliant range of professional cooking solutions. The Kopa range is lead by its flagship product, Kopa Charcoal Oven Grills. Not to be outdone, the rest of the range consists of Parilla Grills, Robata Grills, Yakitori & Hibachi Grills.

Kopa Professional Charcoal Oven Grill

The Kopa Charcoal Oven Grill is the perfect combination of a grill and charcoal oven. Controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the grill charcoal oven prevents flames from breaking out, which is why the surface of the food isn’t scorched, and the high-quality insulation system allows you to prepare succulent dishes quickly with a unique BBQ aroma. Our products are the end result of a highly technological process, with economical energy use and elegant design at an affordable price. We provide various optional extras to help you adapt your Kopa to adapt to your demands and combine with other high-end kitchen equipment to form the complete image of a modern kitchen.


Kopa Professional Charcoal Ovens have better charcoal consumption, lower heat emission, better ergonomics and much more aesthetically pleasing

Kopa Professional Charcoal Oven Grills come in three sizes and accessories include: Under Storage Cabinet, Open Heating Rack, Heating Cabinet & open trolley. Available in four colours: Red, Stainless Steel with gold handles, Brown and Black.



Kopa Hot & Cold Smoking Oven

KOPA smoking oven is a versatile hot and cold charcoal smoker/oven with added speed of electrical heating.
KOPA smoking oven is a traditional wood oven for the restaurant of the 21st century.
Slowly cooked dishes that were till now possible to prepare only with a use of traditional wood ovens and cooking methods, can now be prepared in an oven that is hygienically suited for restaurants and is electronically controlled for the ease of use.

Smoking oven brings traditional oven cooking into a restaurant. This one-of-a-kind oven helps you prepare slow-cooked meat, fish and vegetables with a wonderful flavour of charcoal.

With special wood blocks, you can add wood smoke and turn your Smoking oven into a South American barbeque smoker and prepare dishes like briskets, pulled pork, ribs, smoked sausages etc.


Kopa Robata

Robata is a long-standing Japanese grilling tradition. The origins go back to ancient fishermen in northern Japan who took boxes of hot coals with them on their boats to heat and grill the fish they caught.
Modern Robata is a type of charcoal grill modelled after those coal boxes. In Japanese and Asian kitchens Robata grills are mostly used to grill in front of guests.

The versatility of the Robata grill makes it very suitable for all kinds of cuisines and all kinds of grilled dishes. The Layout of the Robata grill allows for many different heat zones that can be used for grilling or heating of food.

Just like other KOPA products, KOPA ROBATA is a high-quality product using high-end steels and is built to last. We use only high-grade insulation materials that, together with naturally ventilated housing, prevent excessive heat-up of external surfaces. Different layouts ensure maximum adaptability of KOPA ROBATA in your kitchen.

Kopa Robata Grills come in two sizes: Grill Area: 670mm x 350mm  or 1,130mm x 350mm

Configurations: Drop-in / Counter-top – with or without side tables & basting pans / on a purpose-built trolley -with or without side tables & basting pans


Kopa Parilla

The design and appearance of the Kopa Parilla ensure that wherever you place it is bound to make a statement and draw the customers eyes to the action around it and increase sales of your grilled food. It is not just a grill it is a show maker and an entertainer all in one.

Our goal was to create a grill that is beautiful to look at, performs wee, is easy to use, easy to clean and a grill that can endure the hard everyday conditions of a professional kitchen for many years to come. And we believe that we more than succeeded in that quest.

Kopa Parilla is designed with a lifting and tilting grill rack that offers you multiple grilling possibilities. You can easily lift or lower the rack to increase or decrease the cooking temperature. By correctly controlling the distance between the food and the coals you are able to easily find a perfect temperature every time, saving you from having to move coals around or wait for heat levels to reduce.
Grill rack consists of removable V-grooved grill racks. The V-groove grate provides a sturdier cooking surface and more even heat distribution than typical wire-grate barbeques. The grilling surface which sits at a slight angle allows the juices that drip from the meat to run down the channel and collect in the drip pan attached to the grill rack. This design eliminates most fire flare-ups. The taste of meat is purer and feels less smoky.

For easy cleaning, you can easily remove the grill rack inserts and clean the fire pit.

The grill rack can be inclined up to 25o. That ensures you to control the grilling temperature just by moving meat from the front of the grill to the back. You can slowly gill your stakes to perfection with beautiful and even colour on the inside. Your customers are going to love you for that, and revenue will increase.

There is also a fixed resting rack above the lifting rack, where you can rest your steaks or preheat bigger chunks of meat before grilling.

The fire pit is made out of heavy duty refractory bricks that retain a lot of heat and this translates in a more even heat for easier and more consistent grilling. These bricks are also very durable and will last much longer than a comparable fire pit made out of steel.



Kopa Yakitori & Hibachi Grills

KOPA Hibachi and Yakitori grills are stylish tabletop grills intended for temporary or everyday use in a kitchen or in front of a customer. The firebox is separated from the frame so you can place them on a stainless steel table without worrying that the stainless steel is going to turn yellow beneath the grill. The firebox is built out of 5 mm steel that ensures a stable grilling temperature and a long life of the grill in a harsh kitchen environment. They can be used with a griddle or with horizontal supports for grilling of meat on skewers



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Eco Serve – Safe, Green & Stylish

EcoServe is powered by EcoBurner and is changing the style of buffets worldwide while saving water, reducing waste going to landfill and cutting carbon emissions.

Top Hotel News, May 2019

See what else Top Hotel News said about Eco Serve in their May article.

Click Here

About Eco Serve

EcoServe is a sleek, waterless food warming solution designed to create a brand new look for Buffets, Canapés, Corporate, Functions, Home Entertaining and Private Suites.
Thanks to the addition of the EcoServe cooling system, EcoServe is now a complete food presentation solution. You can now serve food hot or cold for buffets, corporate suite, outside catering and much more. No need for cables or transporting water 
Transform your EcoServe into a cold station to keep dishes cool for up to five hours per unit.
Freeze the EcoServe cool pack overnight and then simply remove the hotplate and heat pan from the EcoServe and swap it for the frozen cool pack that’s custom made to fit exactly.
Cold seafood or salad is now an option as your guests can enjoy hot or cold dishes presented in EcoServe.


The Most Cost Effective Food Warming Solution on the Market

You only need to run Eco Burner on the lowest setting to maintain perfect food temperatures. Running Eco Burner on low plus the unique thermal heating techology ensures that one Eco Burner can last over 8 hours before being refilled. In addition, it only takes around 5 minutes to heat up. With low capital setup costs and low hourly running costs, Eco Serve is hard to beat

Flexible Food Serving Solution

In addition to the Eco Serve cool pack to serve cool products, Eco Burner is adjustable in temperature. Turn Eco Burner up & add a little water to steam products like dim sims, dumplings and seafoods etc. We have even slow cooked a casserole in a cast iron pot using Eco Serve.

Environmentally Friendly

There’s no other way to put it, Gels & Wicks are Toxic. The fact is that after the buffet is finished, gel and wick cans are NEVER empty. So, this toxic waste is then going into waste and then landfill. You use 100% of Eco Burner fuel because Eco Burner itself is refillable and when the fuel can is empty, it is safe to be disposed of in standard recycling


Gels and wicks are also dangerous. How many times after the buffet is finished have you seen someone blow out the gel to see a puff of smoke blow into their face. This is toxic carbon monoxide! How many times have you seen someone tip over a gel and a tablecloth or even their apron catch fire? What about the fact that you can barely see the flame and therefore hard to know if it is lit, have you seen them get thrown out still alight? The patented Eco Burner has a number of safety mechanisms and features such as: overturn shut-off switch / high heat shut-off switch / visible, clean burning radiant flame / cool to touch / on-off dial.

In addition, Eco Serve is waterless and therefore staff don’t have to carry hot water to the buffet any more.


The Eco Burner is a fantastic product since we have started to use the Eco Burner we have been able to be more flexible with where we can hold functions due to the Eco Burner being windproof. The Eco Burner is always cool to touch even after hours of use making it much easier to handle compared to old gels&wicks that often required a heatproof glove to get in and out from the chafing dish, the safety features the Eco burner has met all of our ambitious safety standards which is one of the reasons why we made the switch to the Eco Burner. The Eco Burner is able to keep a chafing dish at the optimal temperature with only one unit whereas I would have needed 2 or 3 gels before to keep the same dish hot, with such an improved level of performance it was a pretty easy decision to make stop using gels and start using Eco Burner.

With all of the above advantages of the Eco Burner and the savings, we make due to the lower running cost of the Eco Burner and the 0% wastage I can confidently recommend the Eco Burner to anyone.


Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort has been awarded Advanced Eco Certification by Ecotourism Australia. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, The Resort has been recognised as one of the leading ecologically sustainable tourism operators in Australia, providing guests with an opportunity to experience and learn about the Island’s unique ecosystem with minimal impact. We are constantly trying to improve the standards of our operation and implement eco-initiatives to make the island a role model in best environmental practice.  Eco-burner is part of our strategy.  Apart from being an extremely cost-effective and safer product, eco-burner is environmentally friendly with no fuel waste. Carbon emissions are reduced by 75%. We are very pleased with this product.


By making the change from gels to Eco Burner we have noticed a reduction in running cost thanks to the Eco Burner being refillable, there are 0% waste and the fact that you only need one Eco Burner per food station makes the Eco Burner an easy choice for our market place experience. The Eco Burner’s 75% reduction of carbon emissions is another bonus as we want to do what we can to become a more environmentally friendly hotel.



More about Eco Serve – CLICK HERE

More about Eco Burner – CLICK HERE

Download Eco serve Catalogue – CLICK HERE


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