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Eco Burner -The world’s first refillable, WIND PROOF and most environmentally friendly chafing dish fuel on the market. Eco Burner is a safe and very economical alternative to chafing dish fuel for buffets. It is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and It is temperature adjustable, has an over-turn cut-off and an over temperature cut-off switch. Eco-burner is saving most businesses at least 50% on fuel costs. Eco Burner will be FREE-ON-LOAN to hospitality customers….you just need to buy the fuel.

Wind Proof

Perfect for outdoor catering and events.

Safest Product On The Market

Unlike the chemical burners on the market, Eco-burner is a clean burning fuel. If knocked over, Eco-burner extinguishes automatically and also extinguishes if the temperature get too high (example: chafing dish runs out of water).

Cost Savings

Because you only need one Eco-burner per large chafing dish and because you use 100% of the fuel, customers are seeing massive cost reductions from day one


No wastage.

Long Burn Time

Eco Burner can operate on one fill for between 5 and 8 hours, depending on setting.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

Eco Burner is marine grade stainless and reusable, the fuel is a clean burning butane / isopropane and empty fuel cans are 100% recyclable. You will see carbon emission reductions of over 80%.

Adjustable Temperature

Eco Burner offers flexibility in temperature ensuring food is served at the perfect temperature and condition.

Space Saving

One can of fuel can equal up to 18 cans in chemical burners in size making Eco Burner very compact and easy to store.