Handle Hygiene

Handle Hygiene – Automatically Sanitises Doors Handles After Each Use

Table Direct has introduced the innovative Handle Hygiene – Automatic Door Handle Sanitiser. Handle Hygiene does not require batteries as it has a mechanical trigger that sprays the door handle every time the door shuts. The active ingredient is a ready to Use Hospital Grade disinfectant for clean or dirty conditions, that cleans and kills. Bactericidal, virucidal including Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) , sporicidal (including C-Difficile), tuberculocidal, fungicidal and kills mould, and that provides a reactive barrier that stays active between cleans for ongoing protection.

Watch the short Handle Hygiene video below


Handle Hygiene is very cost effective at only around 3 cents per squirt and no labour is required to constantly clean the door handles. Because of the unique ongoing, active barrier, even if someone sneezes on the door or there are other airborne particles, the barrier continues to kill the pathogens.

CSIRO research shows COVID-19 can stay on stainless steel surfaces such as door handles for up to at least 28 days at room temperature

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