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The Plate-Mate Plate Stacking & Serving System saves space, labor, time and money. If you have a space problem in your kitchen, we have the solution. Ideal for use as a catering plate stand and catering plate carrier. Use our site to find the plate rack that is perfect for your needs.Plate-Mate plate stacking system can make multiple plate handling a cinch whether it is in your commercial kitchen, used as banquet equipment, a catering event, or even a ship’s galley. Plate-Mate speeds service and saves labor costs with it’s dinner plate trees.

All Plate-Mate plate racks and trolleys are designed with adjustable arms that allow for plates, dishes, or trays of varying shapes and sizes to be quickly, simply, and securely stored as well as removed with the greatest of ease. They are widely used in commercial kitchens: restaurants, cafeterias, resorts, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships, hotels, and more.

  • The Plate-Mate is a space saver. By stacking plates vertically instead of spreading them over a flat surface, plates can be neatly and securely stored until needed.
  • The Plate-Mate makes multiple plate handling easy. The Plate- Mate can be easily wheeled out to the necessary location.
  • The Plate-Mate can serve large events with less staff, saving you money. Larger Plate-Mates such as the Twin Plate-Mate are able to serve up to 168 people that can allow you to cut labor costs.
  • The Plate-Mate increases service speed. With the ability to hold numerous plates and easily roll to the necessary location, the Plate-Mate can substantially increase the speed of serving plates.
  • The Plate-Mate can roll long distances. The Plate-Mate is built with durable casters that can handle going over long distances and rough surfaces.
  • The Plate-Mate can tip up to 20 degrees with no plate loss. If plates are tightened down properly to securely hold the plates on the side of the column, the Plate Mate can tip without losing those plates. See video of the Plate-Mate tipping 20 degrees at right.
  • The Plate-Mate’s four sides are designed to hold multiple meal courses.Because the Plate-Mate has four distinct sides, it has the ability to be used to hold multiple meal courses.
  • The Collapsible Plate-Mate can be folded for easy storage. The collapsible Plate-Mate folds in allowing it to be stored in smaller spaces.
  • Smaller Plate-Mates can save counter space and be used on buffets.The Table Plate-Mates and Wall Mount Plate-Mates can be used in smaller kitchens and help to save counter space in tight areas.
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