Livecookintable – Boutique Hotel Concept


Boutique Hotel Concept

Livecookintable is a configuration of multiple cutting edge components used for food display, live cooking and beverage presentation.

This set-up consists of the below components which you can use to obtain a quote or simply download the Livecookintable catalogue from the catalogue section to view all products and components:

13324 – Multistation

13307 – Buffet Blind S

10005 – Set Professional

13312/15/16-13412 – Multistation with rack, trays

10020 – Xcross foldable banqueting table

16106 – Zieher Food Display

13410 – Buffet Sneeze Guard

12104 – Induction Plus 16

12403 – Hot PLUS Chill

Livecookintable set the standards in contemporary, modular furniture design and innovative kitchen technology:

  • – Livecookintable Baukasten: as as easy as LEGO – plug and play
  • – All F&B concepts can be implemented with little effort
  • – No matter whether permanently installed or in temporary use
  • – Designed in a way they are working correctly without disturbing each other‘s operation
  • – Reduction as a design principle with maximum of functionality
  • – Durable, sustainable and future-oriented
  • – Intuitive Handling – no skills requested
  • – Durable products, low maintenance, lowest renewal costs make the product the cheapest in the long run.

Suitable for: Live-Cooking, Front Cooking, Grill, Pop-up, Asian Food, Dim sum Station, Barbeque, Beverage Bar, Tapas Bar, Coffee Bar, Lounges, Food Tastings, Wine Tastings, Shushi Station, Buffet, Restaurant, All-Day Dining, Banquet, Conference, Outdoor, Terrace, Patio, Garden pool, Event, Catering, bar, Deli, Grocery, Market, Shop, Chef´s Table, Chef Academy, Open kitchen, Cooking School

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