Plate Mate – Plate / Tray Combination Stacking Trolley – Heavy Duty

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TRHD 425 Platemate Trolley

Plate Stacking / Tray Stacking / Or Combination

Holds up to either 84 Plates (up to 320mm) or 42 GN 1/1 trays

Adjustable levels to hold plates, bowls or GN1/1 Pans – 65mm depth

Heavy Duty Construction – 100 % – 18/10 grade Stainless Steel
Dimensions : 1790 x 600 x 640 mm


The heavy duty plate trolley has been specially produced for regular daily use and is suitable for extremely large plates and dishes, of extreme heights and shapes.

In the restaurant and catering trade, presentation has become ever more important, and over the past few years plates have changed enormously in terms of both shape and size.

Whereas plate mate was only used occasionally in the past for celebrations and parties, the situation today is such that the plate mate sees regular daily use.

With our constant focus on quality and service, the idea of introducing a Plate Mate heavy duty was soon born, and although putting the idea into practice required several years of development, we are justifiably proud of the eventual result.

So much so, in fact, that this unit comes with a full 3-year guarantee.

The patented stainless steel column accepts any plate irrespective of its size or height, , a capability unmatched by any other plate rack.

The separation between the plates can be easily adjusted using the four stainless steel adjusting screws on the top of the column, so that you can place four different types of plates or dishes in your Plate Mate, at the same time.

The removable stainless steel pins are easily replaced by longer models. The standard pin length is 95 mm, but for extremely large plates we also supply pins of 135 mm. These pins can easily be screwed in or out of the column, thanks to the screw thread system. All pins are fitted with food-proof plastic protection caps to prevent the plates being damaged or slipping out of the column, during transport.

The Plate Mate 84 heavy duty, for 84 plates, is a standard element of our product range, and can be supplied from stock. The overall height of the unit of 185 cm, with a cross section of 70 x 70 cm.

The high-quality stainless steel frame is fitted with four stainless steel swivel wheels, two of which have a brake. All wheels come with removable bumpers in durable red plastic. These bumpers can easily be clicked into position.

Two types of protective cover are available for this unit.

Both covers come with an extra strong stainless steel rack.

The standard protective cover is transparent, with four nylon zips. The purpose of this accessory is to allow you to hygienically cover plates of food for example for easy transport to the cold store.

We also supply a special Thermo cover.

This cover, 2-sided polyester and 2-sided transparent PVC, comes with four nylon zips .

This cover can store food at a temperature of between +4 C and 6.5 C, measured after two hours at a room temperature of 20 C. Hot meals stored under the cover will maintain their temperature for up to 15/20 minutes.