Sursfaceskins Anti Bacterial Push Pads & Door Handles

Hand washing and gel dispensers clean hands, but as soon as you touch a door you risk becoming contaminated from a previous door user.

Surfaceskins are NOT designed to clean hands, but are engineered to kill deposited germs and bacteria in the VITAL seconds between one user and the next passing through the door

thus helping prevent the spread of some of the germs and bacteria associated with healthcare associated infections (HAI’s). The Performance Advantage: Surfaceskins are designed to kill germs in seconds. Alternative silver & plastic based products can take many hours to achieve a similar germ kill level.

In short, gel dispensers and hand washing are vital to make hands clean, Surfaceskins KEEP hands clean and help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, when passing through a door. Two systems, [Surfaceskins & gel dispensers / hand washing] with very different infection control roles and benefits working together.

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